Thursday, January 29, 2009


Throughout this semester the technologies implemented in this class has been very helpful. One reason it has been helpful is that I'm a faster typer than I am at free hand writing. I can probably typed at least two times faster than I can type. So this opportunity in your class has given me a chance to get my homework done faster and definitely more efficient. Also, it has given me a chance to take a look at new technologies such as google docs that could potentially help me in other classes. For instance if I had to write a paper for my psychology class and it needed to be peer edited, I could easily find someone from my English class and they could revise my paper over the Internet. It is a very efficient way to revise papers and get my work done faster. Another way technology has helped me is through the wiki spaces. The wiki spaces has opened my eyes to a new way to collaborate ideas and get homework. Through wiki spaces I am able to talk to my teachers and receive my homework if left at school. I only have two teachers, you and Mrs. Erickson, who faithfully use wiki spaces but it does significantly help. A lot of the time i left work sheets for psychology at home and was reluctant to find them on her wiki space for me to print. So over the course of the semester this technology implementation has significantly helped me in school.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

"There's daggers in men's smiles"

Macbeth’s statement, “There’s daggers in men’s smiles,” is as true in today’s society than it ever was before.  Last year I was very conscious of my 4.0 GPA and desperately wanted to keep it.  First semester went good, all of my teachers were great and I got all A’s.  But second semester wasn’t as great.  I got all A’s with exception of one class, Algebra 2.  I had Mr. Martin for a teacher first semester and second semester.  Except second semester he had a student teacher.  The student teacher was a terrible at anything she taught and had to have the help of Mr. Martin much of the time.  I spent many class periods watching her fumble around with her words, become silent and very embarrassed not knowing how to do certain problems.  As for homework, she gave a lot of it and when it came time for her to help us with it or correct it she did it wrong.  For some reason sophomore year, Algebra 2 was just not one of my strong points that year.  I spent much time that second semester working on math problem after math problem trying to teach myself because I wasn’t getting taught in class.  Many of my friends questioned why I was trying so hard to learn in class.  The bad thing about this whole ordeal was the student teacher wasn’t too fond of me.  She thought I talked back too much and needed to be put in my place.  I talked to Mr. Martin about getting some help from him and he gladly took the time to sit down and sort out any problem I seemed to be having with my homework.  After he helped me I had a better understanding of the material and was able to do better on my homework.  Throughout most of the semester my grade switched back between and A- and an A.  Over the course of the semester I didn’t pay too much attention too it.  When it came down to the week before finals I saw that I had a low A-.  I then proceeded to talk to the student teacher to get the class or just me an extra credit worksheet.  With a smile on her face she said, “Sure, I’ll look for some.”  Satisfied I waited the entire week and she never gave the class or myself any worksheet.  I asked her countless times for some over that week and never received any.  It came to the day before finals and still I had no extra credit and would have to get almost a perfect score on my final to keep my 4.0.  I went up to the student teacher and asked her again why she didn’t give me an extra credit sheet to work on.  She replied with a grin on her face, “You wouldn’t have done any of it.  It was too cheesy.  I’m sure you’ll do fine on the final.”  I wasn’t too happy about that and I ended up getting a high A-.  While I was mad at the time now I don’t care at all.  But truly sometimes, “there’s daggers in men’s smiles.”